Behind the bubbles with Maxime Blin

Maxime Blin: The Brilliance of a Passionate Winemaker in Champagne

Nestled in the charming village of Trigny, a vinicultural treasure awaits discovery: Champagne Maxime Blin. A producer that embeds the DNA of its terroir and grape varieties at the heart of each of its sparkling creations. Descendant of a long line of winemakers, Maxime Blin embodies the third generation of champagne producers on the family estate. Located in the Marne department, just 10 km from Reims, the historic region offers a cool climate conducive to the crafting of delicate and mineral wines. The Maxime Blin range, finely aromatic and memorable, promises an unforgettable tasting experience.

The Authentic Terroir of Maxime Blin

Spanning across twelve hectares, the estate is home to three prestigious grape varieties: pinot noir, pinot meunier, and chardonnay. These grapes are meticulously blended to create the elegant cuvées that have made Maxime Blin renowned. Cultivated in the village of Trigny, the estate's vineyards benefit from a rare "mono-crus" in Champagne. Nestled on a southeast-facing hillside, these vines, averaging twenty years in age, provide ideal conditions for grape ripening. The sandy soil imparts a distinctive aromatic profile to the range, delicate and smooth on the palate. With an annual production of approximately 100,000 bottles, every step, from harvesting to bottling, is carried out on-site, following an artisanal and minimally interventionist approach.

Maxime and Claire's Passion: Sharing the Pleasure of Champagne

Maxime and his wife Claire share a common passion for creating wines meant to be enjoyed during convivial moments. Conviviality lies at the heart of their philosophy. The Blin cuvées stand out with a long mineral finish and enticing aromas of vanilla, butter, citrus, and stone fruits. Designed for life's simple pleasures, these cuvées are ideal for savoring moments with family and friends. Beyond the bubbles, the house produces the "Terre de Sables Coteaux Champenois," a rich and flavorful white wine crafted from 100% Pinot Noir grapes. The 2021 vintage, the first of the collection, comes from two parcels of the Trigny estate. Its oak aging imparts subtle hazelnut nuances and a full-bodied richness, complemented by notes of citrus, apricot, and brioche. A must-have for any Champagne enthusiast.

Commitment to Tradition and Innovation

While the estate remains dedicated to preserving its viticultural heritage and ancestral techniques, Maxime and Claire breathe new energy into this legacy. Deeply rooted in their domain, they have delved into past developments to enhance the freshness and tension of their cuvées. While respecting the uniqueness of their terroir, they have evolved their farming and winemaking processes. Embracing sustainable methods initially, the estate achieved organic certification in 2021, solidifying a commitment initiated in 2018. Maxime and Claire's passion and authenticity are reflected in a range with a distinct character, marked by a recent rebranding facilitating their presence in the international market. Blending ancestral techniques with modern technologies, Maxime Blin embodies the new generation of champagne.

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Champagne Maxime Blin 'Nos Moments' Carte Blanche Brut

 Champagne Maxime Blin, 'Aile de Psyché' Blanc de Noirs 2010 



Champagne Maxime Blin, Cuvée Grande Tradition


Maxime Blin, Terre de Sable, Blanc