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The land of kiwis and the Haka is a breath of fresh air, thanks to its stunning nature. This freshness is ingrained in the DNA of New Zealand's vineyards, whether it's an exquisitely delicate Pinot Noir from Central Otago or a Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc, often nicknamed "Savvy B," cherished for its crispness and vibrant character. Hawke's Bay and Martinborough also shine with their elegant Chardonnays. The New World is a very good student when it comes to winemaking, and New Zealand is proof of that.

    16 products
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    Our New Zealand Wines

    New Zealand, with its breathtaking landscapes and pristine nature, has emerged as a paradise for wine worldwide. Nestled in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, this country, known for its majestic mountains, verdant valleys, and stunning coastlines, provides ideal conditions for viticulture. The New Zealand vineyard stands out for its geographical and climatic diversity, enabling the production of exceptional wines.

    Discovering the Wine Regions

    On the North Island, Hawke’s Bay is the second-largest wine region in the country. It is renowned for its robust red wines, notably Merlot and Pinot Noir. The warm climate and diverse soils of this region favor the production of complex and well-structured vintages. In addition to Pinot Noir, Hawke’s Bay has one of the most famous  is also famous for its rich and elegant Chardonnay. It is often considered among the best New Zealand wines.

    South of the North Island, Martinborough is a small yet prestigious wine region. Known for its exceptional terroir, it produces high-quality Pinot Noir. The vineyards in Martinborough benefit from a cool climate and gravelly soils, ideal for this delicate grape variety. The wines from this region are distinguished by their elegance, fine tannins, and complex aromas of black cherry, plum, and spices.

    Located at the northern tip of the South Island, Marlborough is the most renowned wine region in New Zealand. It is the birthplace of the famous Marlborough wine, particularly the iconic Sauvignon Blanc, often affectionately called "Savvy B". The vineyards in Marlborough benefit from sunny weather and varied soils, offering wines with unparalleled freshness and aromatic intensity. Marlborough white wines are celebrated for their vibrant notes of tropical fruits, lemongrass, and gooseberry, making this region the cornerstone of the New Zealand vineyard.

    Further south, Central Otago is the world’s southernmost wine region. Nestled in the heart of the New Zealand Alps, it offers breathtaking landscapes. Central Otago is particularly famous for its Pinot Noir, known for their concentration, depth, and aromatic purity. The continental climate and high altitudes provide the wines from this region with remarkable freshness and structure.

    Finally, Waiheke Island, located off the coast of Auckland, is a popular wine destination known for its full-bodied red wines. The vineyards on Waiheke, bathed by a mild maritime climate, produce high-quality Syrah and Bordeaux blends. The volcanic and clay soils of the island add a unique dimension to the wines, making them rich and textured. Waiheke is also known for its refined Chardonnay, which complements the diverse offerings of the New Zealand vineyard landscape.

    Emblematic Grape Varieties

    The Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, especially from Marlborough, has revolutionized the wine world. Often referred to as "Savvy B," this wine is renowned for its vibrant and intense flavors. Its aromatic profile includes notes of tropical fruits like passionfruit and pineapple, alongside citrus elements such as lime and grapefruit. What sets the Savvy B apart is its unique combination of herbaceous and mineral undertones, which adds a layer of complexity and freshness. This grape variety has put New Zealand on the map of world-class wines and continues to attract enthusiasts and critics for its consistent quality and distinctive style. Marlborough white wines are celebrated for their crisp acidity and lively character, making them a favorite among white wine aficionados globally.

    The Pinot Noir has become another international star. Produced primarily in regions like Central Otago, Martinborough, and Marlborough, this delicate grape variety finds an ideal terroir in New Zealand to express itself fully. The wines are often described as elegant, with aromas of red fruits, earthy notes, and a well-balanced tannic structure. Today, they compete with the best Pinot Noir wines globally. The Pinot Noir from New Zealand is known for its bright cherry and raspberry flavors, often complemented by subtle hints of spice, mushroom, and forest floor. In regions like Central Otago, the high altitude and cooler climate contribute to the wine's depth and complexity, while Martinborough's gravelly soils add a unique texture and minerality to the wines.

    Although less publicized, Chardonnay from New Zealand is no less remarkable. Produced in regions such as Hawke’s Bay and Waiheke, it is characterized by its finesse, balance, and complexity. The best New Zealand wines made from Chardonnay exhibit notes of stone fruits, lemon, butter, and subtle oak, offering a rich and harmonious tasting experience. New Zealand Chardonnay often balances the fresh acidity typical of cooler climates with a creamy mouthfeel and well-integrated oak influence. In Hawke's Bay, the warmer climate allows for the development of richer, more opulent flavors, while Waiheke's unique terroir adds layers of complexity and minerality.