What is Vinodelice?

Welcome to Vinodelice, the one-stop wine and delicacies shop for your taste buds.

For all the epi-curious out there, or those aspiring to be, we invite you to travel the world with us and discover the wonders of wine-trotting, visa and hassle-free. As seasoned wayfarers of the vines, we have wandered off the beaten path to find the finest grapes. Don’t worry though; no hidden or extravagant cork fees here. We believe in getting you a bang for your buck. You’ll get a kick out of the taste, not knocked-out by the price.

This is not only a one-stop shop; we're cultivating a community for wine-makers, lovers and novices to learn from one another and discover new epicurean delights together.

We are epicureans

We are curious

We are authentic

We are passionate

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