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Aligoté Wine

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This ancient grape variety comes from the Bourgogne region of France but grows today in Eastern Europe, Chili, Canada and California. It is both light and fresh. For a long time, this variety was kept at the back of the bar but it is highly valued today for its complex palette of lemon, green apple and mineral aromas. Aligoté is the ideal grape for anyone looking to pour a little sweetness and lightness into their glass.

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    Aligoté Wine

    1. The Burgundian Origin of the Aligoté Wine

    Aligoté is a white grape variety originating from Burgundy, often overshadowed by its more prestigious cousin, Chardonnay. This rustic and resilient grape has thrived in the Burgundy region thanks to its ability to produce fresh and lively wines suited to the cooler climates of the area. Unlike Chardonnay, Aligoté generally produces wines that are more acidic and less full-bodied, making it an excellent choice for light, thirst-quenching wines and aperitifs.

    The Kir Bourguignon, an iconic aperitif, features Aligoté mixed with crème de cassis. This blend highlights the grape's tangy notes, balanced by the sweetness of the blackcurrant liqueur. This Kir Aligoté is particularly appreciated for its freshness and simplicity.

    The Bouzeron AOC, the only appellation exclusively dedicated to Aligoté, showcases the uniqueness and growing recognition of this grape variety. In this appellation, located in the Villages-de-la Côte Chalonnaise, Aligoté is quite distinctive. It stands out due to its golden skin which, under the sun, allows to produce a very round, fruity, and lively wine. This Bouzeron Blanc brings out all the qualities of this unique terroir, offering an authentic and refined expression of Aligoté.

    2. The Revival of Aligoté

    Aligoté is experiencing a revival thanks to passionate winemakers who seek to highlight this underrated grape. These renowned producers are working to elevate Aligoté, creating high-quality wines that rival the best Chardonnays from Burgundy.

    At the same time, the inflationary trend in Burgundy Chardonnay prices is pushing wine enthusiasts to seek alternatives that offer excellent value for money. Aligoté, with its unique profile and more affordable prices, positions itself as an attractive option for discerning consumers.

    3. Other Aligoté Producing Regions

    Aligoté is not solely cultivated in Burgundy. It is also found in other wine-growing regions around the world. In Eastern Europe, notably in Bulgaria and Romania, Aligoté is valued for its ability to produce dry and refreshing white wines. In the United States, particularly in California, some winemakers are experimenting with Aligoté, seeking to diversify their white wine offerings.

    4. Preferred Food and Wine Pairings

    Aligoté pairs wonderfully with a variety of dishes. Served chilled, Aligoté is perfect as an aperitif, either on its own or in a Kir Bourguignon. Its liveliness and acidity complement oysters, shrimp, and grilled fish beautifully. Aligoté is an excellent companion for fresh cheeses like goat cheese, as well as for raclette, where its freshness balances the richness of the melted cheese. Summer salads and grilled vegetable dishes also pair well with Aligoté, thanks to its lemony and herbaceous notes.

    With its diverse expressions and aging potential, Aligoté deserves a place in your wine cellar. Whether for a convivial aperitif, a refined dinner, or a cheese night, this Burgundian grape will surprise and delight you.