Arneis Wine

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Hop in a little Fiat and discover the wonders of Arneis, the white grape of the Piedmont region in Italy. This remote variety has a number of aliases and you may know it as nebbiolo blanco or bianchetta d’Alba. It is subtle, discrete, and is enjoyed quite young. Arneis is often compared to its French neighbor, Viognier. The two share a similar aromatic palette: pear, peach, apricot, and almond. This variety is an ideal pairing for your antipasti plates, a clambake or seafood feast, some grilled chicken breasts or a creamy, nutty cheese plate. Arneis is cool and chill like a Beach Boys album. Arneis is the perfect accessory to just sit back, relax and dip your bread in some rich Burrata.

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    Arneis Wine

    The Arneis wine is a true gem of Italian viticulture, particularly appreciated for its light and fruity white wines. This autochthonous grape, primarily cultivated in the Piedmont region of Italy, perfectly embodies the richness and diversity of Italian wine-growing terroirs.

    What is an autochthonous grape variety?

    An autochthonous grape variety, also known as an endemic grape, is a vine variety that originates and is primarily cultivated in a specific region. These grape varieties are closely linked to the local terroir, which is the combination of geographical, climatic, and human factors that influence vine cultivation and the composition of the wine. Autochthonous grape varieties, such as Arneis, are often valued for their ability to express the unique character of their region of origin. In addition to their natural adaptation to local conditions, they contribute to the diversity and complexity of the wines produced.

    The Piedmont region and its appellations

    Piedmont, located in northwest Italy, is a world-renowned wine region, famous for its exceptional terroir wines. This region is home to prestigious appellations such as Barolo, Barbaresco, and, of course, Roero, which is particularly associated with Arneis. Piedmont is characterized by its rolling hills, continental climate, and varied soils, ranging from clay to limestone, creating ideal conditions for viticulture.

    Roero: The Cradle of Arneis

    Roero is a sub-region of Piedmont located on the left bank of the Tanaro River, opposite the Langhe region, famous for its red wines like Nebbiolo. However, it is in Roero that Arneis, often nicknamed the "Nebbiolo bianco" due to its complexity and finesse, finds its purest expression. The sandy soils of Roero give Arneis wines a distinctive minerality and exceptional freshness, making them highly sought-after Italian white wines for their balance and elegance.

    Langhe: A Region of Contrast

    Although Roero is the heart of Arneis production, this grape is also cultivated in the Langhe. This region is better known for its powerful red wines, but the slopes of Langhe, with their varied microclimates, also allow the production of high-quality white wines from Arneis. The diversity of terroirs in Langhe offers a range of wines with rich and varied aromatic profiles, from delicate floral notes to ripe fruit aromas.

    Characteristics and Composition of Arneis Wines

    Arneis wines are distinguished by their complex aromatic profile and silky texture. Typically, they present aromas of pear, apple, peach, and sometimes floral notes such as honeysuckle and acacia. On the palate, these wines are generally dry, with moderate acidity that brings a sensation of freshness, and a slight bitterness on the finish that adds to their charm.

    The composition of Arneis wine can vary depending on vinification techniques and the specific terroir. Young wines are often appreciated for their fruitiness and liveliness, while those that have been aged on lees or in barrels can develop additional complexity, with notes of hazelnut and toasted bread.

    Arneis is an emblematic Italian grape variety, representing the richness of autochthonous grapes and the importance of terroir in producing wines of character. The Piedmont region, with its varied terroirs and winemaking traditions, offers a perfect setting for this endemic grape. Whether in the sands of Roero or on the slopes of Langhe, Arneis gives birth to Italian white wines that captivate with their freshness, fruitiness, and elegance. A true treasure to discover for all lovers of terroir wines.