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Gamay Wine

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Gamay is all about celebration and freshness, perfect for the bon vivants who savor life's pleasures. It's the star of Beaujolais Nouveau, living up to its reputation as the life of the party. With aromas bursting with chocolate, cherry, strawberry, raspberry, and gooseberry, it delights the palate. In the past, Gamay's wild popularity led to overproduction and a tarnished image. Thankfully, dedicated winemakers stepped in, giving this grape a remarkable makeover. When crafted with care, Gamay matures beautifully, gaining complexity over time. Gamay is definitely back, and better than ever!

    6 products

    Gamay Wine

    The Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, an emblematic grape with mysterious origins but closely linked to Pinot Noir and the Noiriens family, has forged a unique identity over the centuries.

    Origin of Gamay and its relation to Pinot Noir and the Noiriens family

    Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, often associated with Pinot Noir, shares close genetic ties with the Noiriens family. Its origins, though debated, are believed to be in Burgundy, where its cultivation was restricted by Duke Philippe le Hardi in the 14th century in favor of Pinot Noir. This political decision propelled Gamay southwards to its current region of Beaujolais, where it flourished brilliantly.

    Gamay and its cultivation in different French regions

    In France, Gamay thrives particularly in Beaujolais, famous for its ten renowned crus such as Morgon, Moulin à Vent, and Brouilly, among others. However, its presence isn't limited to this prestigious region: Savoie, with Gamay Saint Romain, and Gamay de Touraine showcase the diversity and richness of this grape variety. Winemakers are gradually rediscovering and rehabilitating Gamay, restoring the nobility it should never have lost.

    Beyond French borders, Gamay also finds fertile ground in Switzerland and Eastern Europe, where it gives birth to unique wines, often overlooked but equally captivating.

    Gamay, a revealer of terroir

    Gamay distinguishes itself not only by its ability to produce great aging wines, as seen in Morgon or Moulin à Vent terroirs, but also by its capacity to reveal the character of the soils where it's grown. For instance, the volcanic soils of Beaujolais impart Gamay with a distinctive minerality that enhances its aromas and complexity.

    The price-quality ratio of fine wines from Beaujolais

    Lastly, one cannot discuss Gamay without mentioning the exceptional price-quality ratio of fine wines from Beaujolais, notably the crus like Morgon. These wines, such as the famous "Pinot Noir Morgon Côte du Py," perfectly illustrate Gamay's ability to compete with the finest grape varieties while remaining accessible to discerning enthusiasts.

    The Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, through its fascinating history and versatility, rightfully earns its place among the world's great grape varieties. Whether in the prestigious terroirs of Beaujolais or beyond, Gamay continues to surprise and charm, offering wines of remarkable finesse and elegance, often at unbeatable prices.